What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media?


How to Discover: What is the Prime Time people talk about my Brand and our Competitors? There is no “prime time” in Social Media. Of course, there are times that more people are connected in general, but the differential of Social Media is that each company can analyse its audience in an ‘ultra-targeted’ way. This also applies to behaviour related to time of use, time of complaints etc.

Discovering these insights is easy with BrandCare, our Social Media monitoring tool (try it for free). After configuring the monitoring tool, the graphs displaying timing of mentions will automatically appear in the ‘Mentions’ tab on the dashboard.

Below is an example of the automobile industry. The peak hours are not as accentuated, however we can still see that some hours are busier than the others.

automotivoBelow are two examples showing more defined peak hours:

programa televisivo

Mentions about television shows that takes place at night- most mentions occurs during the program.

Another example, this time related to the food industry.


The peak hours occurs at the time of preparation of meals, thanks to recipe sharing.

How can you use this information?

There are several ways to use the times of distribution of information throughout the day. Here are some examples:

  • Decide what times are best to post: if your brand is starting to plan your Social Media Strategies, you can monitor what time people are already talking about brand and organise content according to user behaviour. Another option is to monitor the time that your competitors are posting and understand moments that can be exploited.
  • Analyse customer behaviour: some types of products, especially ones for personal use, can be better understood through the volume of mentions and publications (like makeup tutorials videos, ‘selfies’ taken with the product etc.).
  • Creating a buzz in Social Media, leading to visits on websites: to better understand the ROI of Social Media, the volume of mentions, comments and interactions throughout the day can be compared to external metrics such as sales and leads on the website or physical store visits. Thus, the impact of efforts in Social Media can be better understood and reported on.
  • Understanding the customers thought process before purchase decision: (. Eg doubts among products) when monitoring terms related to decision making, brands can understand at what times of day the consumer usually seeks online information among their friends.
  • Compare the Social Medias platforms: each platform like Facebook and Twitter is used in a particular way. Using the filters in the BrandCare tool helps to understand the behaviour in each different Social Media channel and therefore enable creation of an effective communication plan.

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