Social Network Analysis : NSW Election 2015 – Candidate Luke Foley:

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Social Network Analysis is a new method of viewing the connections surrounding conversations in Social Media. In the political field, it can be used to:

  • Identify Influencers;
  • Analyse activity of militancy;
  • Discover activators;
  • Track critical and sensitive issues;
  • Map groups of voters;
  • Measure the impact of facts and news;
  • Compare dissemination of ‘pro’ and ‘con’ messages.

As an example, we brought to the blog a research campaign done during the election period of New South Wales using BrandCare, in order for us to exemplify how to anaylse the network clusters of tweets mentioning Luke Folley (Australian Labor Party) with 1007 tweets in the period of only one week.

In the period analysed, the largest grouping occurred around Wendy Bacon, a Professor and Investigative Journalist on independent and alternative vehicles.

60 profiles were discussing Bacon’s tweet criticizing Foley to reduce taxes for the racing industry. Besides the potential to spread the platform (13,800 followers), his profile is of a typical communicator with a high degree of influence.

Analise de Redes - Luke Foley - Cluster 1


The second cluster was isolated from the rest of the network to focus on a specific person. @TheTheMMExchange profile, Medical Marijuana Exchange, released news in regards to Luke Foley effort to legalise medical use of marijuana.

Analise de Redes - Luke Foley - Cluster 2

The third cluster shows the spreading popularity polls for Foley in front of Robertson and Baird.

The main influencer is the profile @GhostWhoVotes profile circulating news about Australian politics. @Themrtiedt profile retwitteed the message with a laugh, probably due to the leadership of Foley or the large number of undecided voters.

Analise de Redes - Luke Foley - Cluster 3

The fourth cluster brings profiles impacted by ABC News Sydney on Foley’s statement that would not be necessary judgments for each case of medical marijuana use. The profile of these users are interested in politics, especially party members.

Analise de Redes - Luke Foley - Cluster 4

Characterised by activists, especially related to climate, were messages of support for the movement “Lock the Gate” for the preservation of nature against harmful mining gas, coal and fuel.

The journalist Margo Kingston and @thelocjkthegate profile mentioned the Annastacia Palaszczuk (@AnnastaciaMP) Queensland Labor for the cause.

Analise de Redes - Luke Foley - Cluster 5

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