Marketing and Network: From the Audience to the Community

Marc Smith, one of NodeXL creators, published an interesting post about three phases of the “use of social media for marketing” from the network perspective. Through the simple diagrams below you can understand what Marc Smith calls it the 3 phases of success, but that is not necessarily linked to duration or effectiveness of communication in social media. It can be results of brand’s presence or other media in the consumer perspective.

In step 01, Smith associates it with the phase of audience’s creation, the network has basically an “ego” structure, with profiles of followers talking about or directing quoting the brand, which is in the center:

rede - criação de audiência

In step 02, “the audience gets an audience” on subjects related to the brand. It is very characteristic of those made by sponsored influencers, when the impact is punctual and does not generate a conversation flow beyond the campaign.

audiência ganha audiência

In step 03, which is achieved successfully by few brands, the network around the audience become community: people talk, discuss and interact around references to the brand itself and products.

audiência se torna comunidade

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